Carolina Fernandez, is an Author, Artist, and Arts Advocate whose life work occurs at the intersection of “creativity and…”

While raising four kids, moving across country to nine different homes with the dog, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs and Russian dwarf hamsters in tow, she found, especially looking back, that those years held a lot of material for humor and encouragement for others. She wrote about them in her first book, ROCKET MOM! 7 Strategies to Blast You into Brilliance. “Creativity and Motherhood.” Her second book, Country French Kitchens, was inspired when she couldn’t find the resources she needed to design and install an authentic Country French kitchen of her own. “Creativity and Design.” Several more projects are in the works, arising from places where she believes the world needs another voice in areas for which she holds passion.

Her more than two hundred original published articles have been syndicated by over 60,000 unique online sites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. Her writing has been included in six bestselling anthologies, and she has been quoted in such publications as NewsDay, Parenting, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Nickelodeon, BottomLine Personal and Advertising Age. Her house was featured on the cover of Connecticut Home & Garden for its “kitchen with personality.” She has appeared as a guest on radio and television programs across the country, including NPR, the FOX Business News program “Your World with Neil Cavuto” and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s morning talk radio program.

She recently left a career on Wall Street, where she worked a a Financial Advisor to Creative Professionals, in order to devote herself full-time to the arts. As a visual and performing artist, she has undertaken projects ranging from hooking rugs to painting in oils to singing onstage in Carnegie Hall. She has developed strong convictions about the role of the arts in child development, which are borne out in ROCKET MOM! She remains committed to inspiring creativity in people of all ages. She is Editor-at-Large for ARTES Magazine, an e-magazine celebrating fine art, architecture and design and a features writer for venu, a print magazine celebrating contemporary culture.

Carolina believes that art changes everyone, and wants to ensure that clients are exposed to the transformational power of art via art pilgrimages and events. While artists, museums, galleries and the major auction houses bring art to people, Carolina desires to bring people to art. She will be leading art pilgrimages in an effort to literally bring people to art: to experience art, appreciate art and to be transformed by art. Immersion in the culture of off-the-beaten-path destinations–art, food, theater, music and architecture–is the over-arching goal of Beauty Huggers Anonymous. Visits to artists’ studios and to private museums which offer rare glimpses behind the scenes are other offerings.

Trips to disenfranchised communities in the Third World have inspired a long-percolating interest in the role of art and culture on emerging economies. Trips to Central America, Cuba and Rwanda fueled advocacy in advancing the arts in those parts of the world where beauty holds a low place on the hierarchy of needs. While in Rwanda, for example, Carolina visited artists in Kigali as well as in outlying villages in an effort to understand their needs, and to see if she might add value, given her educational and hands-on background in finance, as well as her entrepreneurial skills and mindset. She co-wrote a business plan for Rwanda’s top performance troupe, which was presented to the Minister of Culture and Sport.

Carolina believes that creativity is the silver bullet, and works passionately in this area in order to effect change. Adopting the “doing well by doing good” business model, she tries to put into practice the many guiding principles of social entrepreneurship, understanding that change comes when vision is attached to commitment, clarity, energy and creativity.