In this beautifully photographed view into how Palm Beachers really live, ‘Remodelista’ and self-described layman Cultural Anthropologist Carolina Fernandez brings her business acumen and artistic sensibilities to unearth its art and design scene, and to help others feel its rapidly rising heartbeat. By exploring the visual and material culture in which one lives, and by surrounding oneself with things that possess beauty and meaning, Fernandez believes that one adds deeper layers and further dimension to the human experience.

Palm Beach. These two little words conjure images of the “veritable paradise” described by Henry Flagler, and of the official destination point for the world’s wealthiest. What few realize is that Palm Beach and its surrounding neighborhoods hold more material goods in more high-quality dealers, consignment and thrift shops than any other defined geographic area in the country per capita. Not only is the sheer volume palpable; the astounding quality begs further exploration of how, exactly, Palm Beachers design and decorate their homes. A tectonic shift in aesthetic has swept the island, enlivening the atmosphere with new-found electricity. Fernandez examines this new design landscape and distills it into easily digestible bites. Helping homeowners understand how to infuse Palm Beach style by mixing treasured inherited objects with serendipitous and re-imagined finds in creating their own unique design calculus meets her anthropological mission head-on.

As a room-by-room guide, distinct design preferences ubiquitous to the Palm Beaches, as well as its unique palette, patterns and textures, are explored, with homage to the demands, as well as the revitalizing qualities, of the ‘Sun, Sea & Air.’ With more than two-hundred full-color photographs and rich text, she walks you inside twenty-two homes, fifteen local shops, and gardens and galleries to help you translate the light, energy, and freshness of this island lifestyle into your own home, and inspires you to design and decorate—and indeed, to live!—with exuberance. This is the design philosophy behind Palm Beach Panache. The philosophy which she shares with you and under which she proudly, happily, joyfully lives.

Country French Kitchens

A stupendous Country French reference guide… it’s like having a designer by your side whispering what IS done and not done!
Having my own Interior Design business for over 20 years, and as an A.S.I.D. Allied Member, I only wish that I had this book before now in my office reference library to use as a design tool with my clients! The exemplary photographs serve as a superb “talking-tool” when discussing the many details and design options available to anyone designing a kitchen, whether Country French or another style. Kitchens are the center of activity in any house and quite often, the most expensive renovation cost when updating or designing a house. Carolina Fernandez does a brilliant job of explaining the details found in a Country French kitchen which instantly relay an aire of authenticity…. making it inviting, timeless, functional and unique to the owners who create it. My interior design mantra is to make any interior look as if it has always been there, just comfortably embellished with time, nothing new or over the top decorated. Her advice on using antique doors as the front facade of a closet, antique glass in the cabinets, and using light fixtures that have a patina of their own endorse what I try to create in my interiors. You are in for a treat when you see the myriad of lovely Country French kitchens photographed from various angles and read her enchanting commentary! Holly Holden, ASID Designer

Country French style conveys the warmth, beauty, comfort, charm, and joie de vivre–the art of living–so many of us desire in our kitchens. But how does one design the kitchen space so that it becomes authentically–quintessentially–Country French in style? With a detailed exploration of the design philosophies and attitudes of Country French style, as well as its concrete elements, Country French Kitchens teaches you to fluently speak the language of this design style so that you can translate this wonderful look to your own kitchen.

Author Carolina Fernandez imparts design, architectural and inspirational ideas as well as practical strategies for bringing authentic Country French style into the kitchens of those living outside the boundaries of France.

Country French Kitchens explores the fundamentals of the style, including its characteristic materials, use of appliances, tactile elements, the importance of art and antiques, and the style’s inherent tenets of design: simplicity, practicality, beauty, and joie de vivre. Country French Kitchens is the indispensable resource book for any reader or homeowner interested in implementing Country French style in his or her own kitchen.

An artist, writer and homeowner with eight renovations under her belt, Carolina Fernandez brings her creativity, extraordinary design insight and years of experience to Country French Kitchens.

Great book for anyone thinking about enhancing their kitchen!
The book is exquisitely written by an author who accomplishes her goal of not only informing and educating, but also inspiring the reader to inject “a joy of living” into the most used room of the house. The photography is beautiful, with detailed captions for every shot written in a way that made me appreciate the motivations behind the homeowners. Anyone who is thinking about enhancing their kitchen, from simply changing the decorations to doing a full blown renovation will find this book to be an excellent investment. I highly recommend this book even if your preferred style is not Country French as you will pick up ideas that can be universally applied to anyone looking to make their kitchen warmer and more useful. New England Book Reviewer


Raising a child to adulthood is the most important job ever invented. Join Carolina Fernandez in ROCKET MOM! as she blasts you into proven strategies for raising your child to greatness. John Gray Bestselling Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus and Children Are from Heaven

The daily dilemmas of motherhood are overwhelming enough. Depleted of time and energy to always effectively parent, the thought of doing so creatively may leave you feeling positively unglued. Carolina Fernandez has enjoyed the rocket ride through motherhood–from cradle cap to childhood cancer, baby colostomy to puberty, toddler tantrums to teenage driving. She admits that its inherent challenges make any challenges faced while both earning her M.B.A. and working as a stockbroker seem like child’s play.

Combining the analytical skills of a businesswoman with the wit and comforting sensibilities of a mom with nearly twenty years on the front line, ROCKET MOM! is the quintessential blueprint for motherhood, where “brainy” meets “zany.”

Discover how to:
Identify and nurture your child’s own genius–and trust her, she’ll prove that it’s there–by studying the traits of giants such as Einstein, daVinci, and Mozart.

Develop your child’s brain by playing a musical instrument–even if you don’t know the difference between an arpeggio and a spaghettio.

Transform your home with beauty so that it serves as your children’s “third teacher”–and learn why this is so vital to boosting your creativity quotient.

Contribute to an ethical renaissance in your own little corner of the earth–as well as all over the globe.

Manage the schedules of simultaneous stages of childhood–while watching dust accumulate and toys reproduce–and get a grip on your unique occupational hazards.

Maintain a health and fitness regimen of your own–while maintaining kids who are too young to take care of themselves.

Read ROCKET MOM! for ideas on how to nurture your child while at the same time creating a positive legacy for the planet! Kay Allenbaugh Bestselling Author of Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul