creative pursuits

This section of the site is devoted to my own Creative Pursuits.

I tend to dabble in a lot of different areas, walking down paths which feed my curiosity about things. This has a way of leading me to Big Adventures. A passion for interior design, for example, led me to write a book on Country French kitchens and Palm Beach interiors. It has similarly fueled my desire to create and develop a couple of tv program ideas, Bottom Line Design and 2 blondes & a truck. Painting on canvas, advocacy for public art, and working in the arts community takes me to Art Fairs near and far, as do global art pilgrimages, where I observe, firsthand, not only the art for which I’ve come seeking, but local culture and community as well.

I need to create. To sing, paint and write. My soul depends on it. And I have ordered my work–and indeed, my life–to afford me the creative and personal sovereignty to do so. I imagine that I will be forever carving out and following Creative Pursuits. I believe that I was created to create.

The carousel above highlights some of my work.

bottom line design

What would happen if a Contractor took an Advisor who possessed a bottom-line, numbers-driven approach to every design project? You’d get Bottom Line Design! With edgy shooting and editing, Bottom Line Design is a television program targeted to homeowners in search of re-design or renovation, who lack the knowledge of how the many moving parts of a design project affect its bottom line. Created by Carolina Fernandez, former Financial Advisor, and Co-hosted by Brian Kelsey, Carpenter, Contractor and Creator of cozi tv’s “Kelsey on the House”; this yin and yang, Good Cop-Bad Cop team yields a “something’s gotta give” tug-of-war to each story. Click on the link to view the sizzle reel.

2 blondes & a truck

If you put 2 blondes from suburban Fairfield County, Connecticut in a pick-up truck towing an Airstream, criss-crossing the country in search of treasure, what would you get? You’d get “Thelma and Louise” meets “Lucy and Ethel” meets Antique Roadshow. Outdoor Antique and Flea Markets represent a $2B industry whose viewing potential is relatively untapped. Created by Carolina Fernandez, or “blondie #1,” and Co-hosted by Leslie Mueller, Artist and Collector or “blondie #2,” this dynamic duo proves that looks can be deceiving. Much more savvy than they appear to the casual viewer, these 2 blondes take to the road in what is part travelogue, part flea market picking, and comedy that only 2 blondes can bring while figuring out how to tow and operate a 27 ft. Airstream in the middle of nowhere. (“You empty the pee-pee tray!” “No! You do it!”) Watch our three-minute demo.


If you could stand up for 1 in 6 people in the United States and 1 billion people worldwide, would you? ARISE is a classic redemption story. With the rights of 55 million people with disabilities hanging in the balance, a country lawyer and a small-town outlaw make their case before the U.S. Supreme Court. And win. And the story is true.