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Carolina Fernandez is an Author, Artist, and Arts Advocate.

Author of three books: ROCKET MOM! which explores the intersection of creativity and motherhood; and Country French Kitchens, which arose from her passion in interior design, and PALM BEACH PANACHE: Infusing Island Style With Serendipitous and Re-Imagined Finds, which pays homage to design in and around Palm Beach, with special attention to creating interiors with exuberance, she seeks to write about areas to which “the intersection of creativity and…” can be explored in depth. She re-entered Wall Street as a Registered Advisor a couple years before the Great Recession, and discovered just how few people understand money. Her upcoming book, What Color is Your Purse?, is a creative guide on money for women and creative types. Taking an innovative, arts-based, provocative look at the role of gender, personality and behavior, and the ways that these three factors shape women’s views of money, Carolina writes so that every woman “gets” it.

Her writing has appeared in more than two hundred original published articles, columns, stories and anthologies, which have been syndicated by over 60,000 unique online sites, blogs and newsletters. A visual artist, she paints on canvas, particularly large, expressionistic flowers, and has designed and painted murals for elementary schools and offices; she paints with children in developing countries to bring man-made beauty into their lives. Believing that art changes everyone, she is an advocate for art education and for instilling creativity in people of all ages.

She is the founder of the “SheEONetwork,” Ladies Who Lunch Club, the women’s networking group of New York City’s “All-Ivy” Clubs, including the Cornell, Penn and Princeton Clubs; and Co-Founder of Women in Power. She is a wife and mother to four adult children, and divides her time between her vintage Cape in the middle of the woods in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and a Spanish transitional-style home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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Carolina Fernandez is an Author, Artist, and Arts Advocate.

She earned the B.A. with honors in Religion and completed the pre-med curriculum in its entirety from Wake Forest University; the M.B.A. from the University of Kentucky; post-graduate work on the D.B.A. degree with an emphasis in Marketing and Consumer Behavior; and a Certificate in Art Business from New York University.

A brief stint as a Marketing Representative at IBM was followed by the start of her career on Wall Street. She cut her teeth in investment banking, where she served institutional clients on the municipal bond desk at Dupree & Co. She moved to Merrill Lynch, where she built a practice of nearly 700 retail accounts in the middle of the roaring bull market of the 1980’s. She left her practice to come home and start a family.

Four children, one dog and nine homes later left her feeling completely overwhelmed. Her frustration at her lack of ability in tackling motherhood’s wonderfully relentless challenges pushed her into a nearly twenty-year labor of love. Her research in child development, child psychology, social psychology, nutrition, and exercise physiology birthed ROCKET MOM! the book. Her articles have been carried by over 60,000 unique online sites, blogs, newsletters, anthologies, newspapers and magazines, and she has been quoted in such publications as NewsDay, Parenting, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Nickelodeon, BottomLine Personal and Advertising Age. She has appeared as a guest on radio and television programs across the country, including the FOX Business News program “Your World with Neil Cavuto” and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s morning radio program.

In her individual pursuit of installing an authentic Country French kitchen in her ninth home, a lack of resources led her to develop the first book on the subject, Country French Kitchens (Gibbs Smith, 2008). During the two year process, she scouted fifty kitchens, analyzing floor plans, testing appliances, scrutinizing cabinetry integrity and configurations, manhandling faucets, measuring sinks, caressing stone counter tops, and scouting art and antique collections throughout the northeast. Her book has remained on multiple bestseller lists since its publication. Using her book as an engine driver for philanthropy, she hosted authentic Country French dinners in her home to complete strangers, raising thousands of dollars to support charities large and small in the process.

Her third book, PALM BEACH PANACHE: Infusing Island Style With Serendipitous and Re-Imagined Finds(Decorativa Press), releases in November 2015. As a room-by-room guide, distinct design preferences ubiquitous to the Palm Beaches, as well as its unique palette, patterns and textures, are explored, with homage to the demands, as well as the revitalizing qualities, of the ‘Sun, Sea & Air.’ With more than two-hundred full-color photographs and rich text, she walks you inside twenty-two homes, fifteen local shops, and gardens and galleries to help you translate the light, energy, and freshness of this island lifestyle into your own home, and inspires you to design and decorate—and indeed, to live!—with exuberance.

She re-entered Wall Street when her youngest child finished elementary school, just a couple years before the Great Recession. She worked as a Financial Advisor at Source Capital Group and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, where she served creative professionals and women investors. She left the industry on December 31, 2012, in order to work in the arts full-time.

Her projects range from writing to hooking rugs to painting on large canvases to remodeling homes and re-finishing furniture. Recently, she completed back-to-back renovations on her home, number eleven, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; a vintage home and guest cottage in a charming village in Fairfield County, Connecticut has been in renovation for more than two years. She has painted murals in schools and offices and is an advocate for art education, having developed strong convictions about the role of the arts in child development. She remains committed to inspiring creativity in people of all ages. She is Editor-at-Large for ARTES Magazine, an e-magazine celebrating fine art, architecture and design, and a features writer for venu. She works as Producer on her first film, an indie feature based on a true story, with her business partner who is Creator and Director.

She served two terms as a town-appointed member of the Ridgefield (CT) Arts Council; is Past-President of the Board of Trustees of Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church, where she became a Commissioned Advanced Lay Speaker; and is Founder of the “SheEO Network,” which offers leadership development to professional women from a wide variety of backgrounds, and Co-Founder of Women in Power.

Carolina and her husband have four adult children: Nick (Wake Forest University, B.A. ’09; NYU, M.A. ’12; Ph.D. student, LIU); Ben (United States Naval Academy, ’12; Naval E.O.D.); Cristina (Babson College ’14; L’Oreal USA); and Victor (Ursinus College ’17).