In late 2008, I realized that as a member of one of New York City’s prestigious Ivy Clubs, I was making great use of its impeccable facilities, strategic location and quiet business center; indeed, it became my “New York City office” almost immediately after joining. But I had not tapped into the vast resource of professional women members. The intellectual capital within the member base was deep and wide. When I discovered that the Club did not have a formal intra-club women’s networking group of its own, I knew I had to form one. The ‘Ladies Who Lunch Club’–aka The SheEO Network–launched in March of 2009.

Our first event consisted of a catered luncheon and an eager audience of more than 30 professional women from a wide variety of backgrounds. The timing coincided, unintentionally, with the collapse of the capital markets and its consequential effect on careers in the Metro New York City area. Many women came to learn how they could grow professionally and personally in hopes of landing a similar job at a different firm. Others came to understand how this time represented an opportunity to completely change course. Some came simply to meet fellow professionals and to expand their professional network.

I believe that women have the power to nurture the fullest potential in children and relationships. I believe that women have the power to design products, campaigns and best practices in organizations. I believe that women have the power to lead world-class organizations, countries, banks and NGO’s. I believe that women have the power to start non-profit organizations after a pain point has been experienced at the personal level, compelling one to swift and decisive action. I believe that, oftentimes, these goals are not achieved simultaneously, or linearly, but at various stages of one’s life. And that that’s okay.

I am committed to women’s leadership development. The mission of The SheEO Network is to “encourage, equip and empower women for personal, professional and philanthropic excellence.” We meet regularly at on-site luncheons, where speakers educate us on a variety of business-related skills, and where we network and offer our skill sets to our fellow SheEO’s.

2015 FALL LUNCHEON: Tuesday, September 29

It would be hard to imagine amassing a nest egg of more than $2 million, only to discover that it had been completely wiped out by identity theft. Harder to imagine is the perpetrator being your own spouse. According to the Federal Trade Commission, nearly 10 million people fall victim to identity theft each year, with 19 people being victimized every minute.

Danita Slatery established a hard work ethic from childhood, growing up on a farm in Kentucky, and going on to earn an B.A. in Marketing and Business Management, followed by a variety of licenses and certifications in the insurance industry. She performed in the top 5% of her peers globally at MetLife. As smart as she was, little did she know that her husband was embezzling monies from her, opening dozens of credit cards as well as a large bank loan in her name. Also unknown to her, he was simultaneously embezzling monies from the company where he worked as CFO. These fraudulent actions took place regularly, for many years without her knowledge, and continued until the day he died, at which point she was left totally bankrupt.

Law enforcement called each occurrence of theft a “domestic dispute”; legislation offered no protection for spouses of identity theft. Her path to emotional, physical and spiritual healing is ongoing, and has led her, five years after his death, on a personal crusade via educational outreach and legislation activism for victims of identity theft. Listen to her powerful story and learn how you can protect yourself from this insidious, yet pervasive, crime.

Venue: New York City Cornell Club.
6 E. 44th Street (between Fifth & Madison)
12:00-1:30pm. $20 for Members, $30 for guests; includes lunch buffet. Advance reservations required by Friday, September 25th, at which time they are considered final sale. Please call the Club at: 212-986-0300 to place your reservation.

Thursday, July 23rd

This workshop is for those of you who have taken on or have been given the responsibility for maintaining a WordPress website for your company. The process of updating a website can feel intimidating, but there is really very little you can do to “break” a WordPress site.

You’ll leave this class with the confidence to:

*Add pages and schedule blog posts
*Create links to other websites and to your own PDFs
*Add “anchors,” links that jump to a particular place in the text
*Alter the navigation menu
*Change slideshow images
*Create a form
*Change your sidebar widgets
*Learn legal best practices (Intellectual Property, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, etc.)
*Learn to do basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In 90 minutes you will learn how to perform all of the basic WordPress functions and gain resources for help in the future, should you need it. Special guest, Michael J. Wieser, Esq., will be available to answer questions about legal issues.

For Companies and Non-Profits: Save hundreds of dollars annually by maintaining your own website. Gain the ability to stay current in your customers’ eyes.

For Individuals: Add a marketable skill to your resume.Make yourself more valuable to your company.
Bring your laptop or tablet to follow along or to illustrate questions you may have.

E-mail Lynn Amos with additional topics you would like to have covered.

Venue: Ground Floor Coworking
547 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801
7:00-9:00pm. $47 for individuals and corporations, $37 for non-profits. Advance reservations required.
To Register:

Lynn Amos, Principal of Fyne Lyne Ventures, works with owners of small- and medium-sized businesses to produce marketing materials that reflect the company’s brand and make it easy for potential customers to see benefits and respond. Lynn has more than 25 years’ experience creating websites, custom blog designs, and marketing materials including e-mail newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, direct mail (printed postcards, EDDM mailers, etc.), capabilities brochures, sell sheets, and annual reports.

2015 SPRING LUNCHEON: Tuesday, May 19

No matter how finely tuned your LinkedIn profile may appear, or how polished your resume may read, Kristen Noel sparks us to consider one other aspect of how we present ourselves to the world: our authentic inner selves. Is all of this reinvention and branding aligning with your true calling? Whether applying for your first job or reinventing yourself after a lifetime career – Kristen addresses this most essential, and often overlooked, spiritual piece: Connecting purpose and passion.

Kristen’s life has been anything but linear or conventional: as a mere adolescent, she left her suburban childhood home for Paris, to embark on what would become a 15 year modeling career. After several years abroad she returned to the States, graduated from Fordham University, married “Prince Charming,” started her own business, became a mother…and shortly thereafter watched her life dramatically blow apart. After her husband was carted away in handcuffs from his Madison Avenue office to serve a 13 ½ year prison sentence, their story played out in the media like a fairy tale gone wrong. The government seized their assets and home – left with a toddler, she was forced to leave NYC and move home with her parents – Happy 40th birthday!

In the years that followed, Kristen resiliently and mindfully reclaimed her power – rebuilding her life in alignment with her own passions and integrity, with the help of myriad teachers, difficult lessons, and beautiful gifts. Today she writes and speaks of her personal journey as a means to inspire others that anything is possible. She believes that we are not defined by our life events – they are not shameful scars – rather, they are the pieces and parts that make up the whole, the poignant events that have propelled us to here.

Join Kristen Noel on May 19th as she shares her journey and empowers you to start scripting the life you truly desire. No matter what challenges you have experienced, where your past work has led you, or what obstacles stand in your path – this is about deciding what you are going to do now, to design the life that you truly seek.

Visit Kristen: Kristen Noel is a writer, speaker and motivator. She is Editor-In-Chief of BEST SELF Magazine and blogs regularly for the Huffington Post. She is currently seeking publication for her first book, a message-driven memoir, and building a motivational brand. She lives with her partner and teenage son in upstate New York where she strives to see the glass ½ full each day.

Learn more at

Venue: New York City Cornell Club.
6 E. 44th Street (between Fifth & Madison)
12:00-1:30pm. $20 for Members, $30 for guests; includes lunch buffet. Advance reservations required by Friday, February 20th, at which time they are considered final sale. Please call the Club at: 212-986-0300 to place your reservation.

2015 KICK-OFF: Tuesday, February 24th

Presenting Yourself as an Executive to Today’s Job Market

If you are looking to re-invent yourself, re-enter the workforce, or take your career to the next level, this conversation and Q&A will guide you through the necessary steps to move your career where YOU want it to go. Highly regarded Executive Recruiters and Coaches from Stephen Bradford Search will discuss how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and resume, how to get an interview at the company you most want to work for, winning the interview, and negotiating your salary and benefits package. We will also review how to move up within your company and have the key decision makers see you in a new light. Bring your questions and most challenging professional problems and expert coaches at Stephen Bradford Search will help you to brainstorm solutions. You will meet top executive recruiters in the fields of non-profit, media, advertising, marketing, luxury & beauty, technology, and diversity.

Elyse Barbell was the Executive Director of the Literacy Assistance Center for ten years before joining Stephen Bradford Search. Under Elyse’s leadership the LAC provided training to staff members at more than 500 agencies serving more than 100,000 youths and adults. Ms. Barbell has facilitated dozens of conferences and was a frequent presenter at the American College of Physicians conference, among others. She holds the B.A. from Hofstra University and a Certificate in the Non-Profit Executive Leadership Development Program of the Columbia University School of Not For Profit Management. She is on the advisory board for the Association of Real Estate Women and a board member of the Open Medicine Foundation.

Venue: New York City Cornell Club.
6 E. 44th Street (between Fifth & Madison)
12:00-1:30pm. $20 for Members, $30 for guests; includes lunch buffet. Advance reservations required by Friday, February 20th, at which time they are considered final sale. Please call the Club at: 212-986-0300 to place your reservation.

Starting in 2015, we will also meet off-site in informal gatherings designed to foster relationships that have built up over the past five years. On September 26, 2015, I will host our first SheEO Summit. Contact me for details:


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